“Bill is a hard worker. He knew his goals and worked toward them.”

When William Chambers needed rehabilitation from a knee infection in February 2019, he chose to go to Life Care Center of Gray, Tennessee, since he had had a good experience there before.


Chambers had come to the skilled nursing and rehab center the first time in May 2018 and was able to meet his goals and return home. This second time, when he arrived, he needed extensive assistance for transfers, such as from a wheelchair to an armchair or to a bed. He needed moderate assistance with bed mobility, walking, standing balance and bathing.


Physical therapists worked on balance, walking and transfers, adapting to his previous amputation of his arm at the elbow. Meanwhile, occupational therapists focused on helping him with his self-care tasks, adapting to the same challenges.


“Bill is a hard worker,” said Regina Diehl, director of rehab. “He knew his goals and worked toward them.”


Chambers can now get around and take care of himself with supervision. He returned home on July 7.