Misty Key, executive director at Life Care Center of Greeneville, with Brook DeLotto, Tri-Cities area business development director

Brook DeLotto, Tri-Cities director of business development for Life Care Centers of America, recently won the Hospital Liaison Award for the company’s Eastern Division.


DeLotto was honored at the division’s banquet at the company headquarters in Cleveland, Tennessee, on Jan. 9.


“It was an absolute honor to be given the liaison award,” said DeLotto. “However, I am only one person. I cannot do my job effectively without my teammates. I am surrounded by such a great team in the Tri-Cities market, and I share the award with each of them.”


DeLotto was nominated for partnering with Alzheimer’s Tennessee to provide the Virtual Dementia Tour to about 100 Johnson City Medical Center staff members, including administration, nurses, therapists, nurse techs and social workers, on Nov. 9, 2018. The experience helped them to get a feel for what their patients with dementia struggle with through altered sensory functions.


Participants wore rubber gloves with corn kernels in them to simulate arthritis, as well as corn kernels in their shoes to simulate neuropathy. They wore distorted goggles to represent cataracts and glaucoma and affect their peripheral vision, and they wore headphones that played background noise to depict audio hallucinations, delusions and paranoia. They then entered a room where they were given a long list of instructions and told not to come out until someone came in to get them after several minutes.


“The results of the training are always enlightening to see,” said DeLotto. “Most people were extremely anxious and overwhelmed when the time was up. This tool is important for caregivers of patients with Alzheimer’s and other types of dementia as it opens their minds to what their patients go through on a daily basis. Alzheimer’s Tennessee is gracious enough to provide this same training with our staff in our facility, and it is crucial for us to partner with our community resources to educate and serve our communities as best we can.”